When in Need of a Child Support LawyerWhen in Need of a Child Support Lawyer

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When in Need of a Child Support Lawyer

Welcome to my blog. I’m Lorna Elliot. My husband and I divorced three years ago. We had been married for ten years and had two children together. Our divorce was fine at first, but then he stopped paying child support. What do you do when the father of your children stops paying child support? Or, you find out that your ex-husband who never paid child support now has a full-time job? It would be nice if, as the parents of the same children, you could come together and make adjustments to your original child support agreement. But this doesn’t usually happen and when it doesn’t, finding a lawyer is the way to proceed. This is what I’ve had to do, and I want to share my experience with you.

SSDI Applicants: Avoid These Key Mistakes

People who suffer from disabilities and cannot work are in a difficult situation, but fortunately, help is available. The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program offers disabled individuals financial compensation for their lost income. The requirements for approval, however, are rather strict and many people are denied acceptance. This article takes a look at some key mistakes applicants make when applying for Social Security Disability. Lack of Medical Documentation You must have strong medical documentation relating to your disability to have a good chance of being approved. Read More 

How Aftermarket Modifications Increase Your Risks Of A Motorcycle Accident

If you have filed a motorcycle accident claim, don't be surprised if the defendant claims that you caused or contributed to the accident. This isn't an outlandish claim because motorcycles do cause accidents, and the risk of a motorcycle accident is even higher for those who have modified their bikes. Here are some of the modifications that increase your risk of a motorcycle accident: Handlebar Weights Many riders find original handlebar weights to be drab in appearance. Read More 

4 Tiers Of Conflict Resolution A Small Dispute May Go Through

Conflict can exist in many forms in a business. Two partners might disagree on how to solve a problem in the business, an employee may feel like they've been unfairly treated by their employer, two businesses may be at odds with each other due to unfair tactics, etc. When such problems occur, there are various ways that such problems can be solved. Although going to court is an option, many will hope to avoid it since it can be time consuming and expensive. Read More 

Is It Safe To Start A Business Without A Business Lawyer?

Even for entrepreneurs who are careful planners and very risk adverse, most feel like hiring a business lawyer is either a waste of money or a luxury they can't afford. But many times, finding the right business lawyer can make the difference between finding success and going bankrupt. Here's why. There Are Countless Regulations and Zoning Rules You Need to Follow  A single business location might be regulated by the federal government, the state government, a county, and a city. Read More 

Benefits Of Working With A Larger Personal Injury Law Firm

If you are looking into hiring a personal injury lawyer, then you could be wondering about which lawyer you should hire for the job.  Of course, there are many personal injury firms all over the country. Some of them are large with very well-known and respected names, and others are much smaller. Even though you can find a good personal injury lawyer at a firm of just about any size, you might find that working with a larger personal injury law firm is a better choice over choosing a smaller firm. Read More