When in Need of a Child Support LawyerWhen in Need of a Child Support Lawyer

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When in Need of a Child Support Lawyer

Welcome to my blog. I’m Lorna Elliot. My husband and I divorced three years ago. We had been married for ten years and had two children together. Our divorce was fine at first, but then he stopped paying child support. What do you do when the father of your children stops paying child support? Or, you find out that your ex-husband who never paid child support now has a full-time job? It would be nice if, as the parents of the same children, you could come together and make adjustments to your original child support agreement. But this doesn’t usually happen and when it doesn’t, finding a lawyer is the way to proceed. This is what I’ve had to do, and I want to share my experience with you.

The Dollars And Cents Of Divorce

No matter what the circumstances, a divorce can present a time of stress, emotional ups and downs and upheaval. While your finances may be the last thing on your mind, you should take care not to ignore the dollar and cents of your situation and how divorce can affect your bottom line. Mistakes made now, during your divorce process, can continue to affect you and your family long past the date of the final decree, so read on and learn how to get a grip on your wallet before it's too late. Read More 

Work Related Injuries That Don’t Heal

If you've been injured at work, you are likely fortunate enough to be covered by your employer's workers' compensation insurance plan. This plan, available at no cost to you, covers your medical expenses related to the injury and even lets you earn a portion of your salary while you recuperate at home. If you are lucky, your injury heals and you can return to your regular job and salary in no time at all. Read More 

Take Action Against Slanderous Rumors And Save Your Reputation

Has someone you know decided to spread false rumors about you and your business practice in an attempt to get you to lose clients and be forced to close down for good? If so, this is a form of slander, and it's certainly not right. The person who is responsible for spreading the false information should be held accountable for their actions. Their decision to say and do things that weren't fair to you may have caused you to lose business and receive threats from people who believe the lies that were spread about you. Read More 

Should You Co-Sign On A Bail Bond?

What would be your instinct if somebody you love called to tell you that she was in jail and needed your help to make bail? What would you do if you were asked to co-sign on a bail bond? The decision might be harder to make when you really don't know what it means to co-sign. This guide will walk you through some of the reasons why you should or should not co-sign. Read More 

Looking At A Long-Term Disability? 3 Things You’ll Need To Navigate An ERISA Claim

You hoped it would never happen. Unfortunately, now you're looking at a debilitating disease. If your medical condition is going to require a long-term disability claim, don't take chances with your physical and financial future. If you're going to be dealing with an ERISA disability claim, here are three steps you should follow. These steps will help protect your rights, and ensure a satisfactory outcome for your claim. Keep a Journal Read More